24 August 2008


Memories are made from so many moments in time. Good ones, bad ones, old ones, new ones. One that I wanted to share today is only a couple of years old but it is a good one. One that I will cherish. My daughter, and her husband , came for a short visit. On the spur of the moment we went fishing. Now Martha is a real animal lover and was going to fish without a hook. I was sure the line wouldn't go out without something on the end to weight it. Solution was hook but not bait. Guess what, as you can see by the evidence in the photo, she was the only one that caught anything. Murphy's Law!!

20 August 2008

God's Welcome

I have been thinking today about how marvelous it is that God welcomes us; you, me,anybody who desires to follow him, into his forever family. It is such a comfort to know that nothing good we can do can make Jesus loves us more and conversely nothing bad we can do can make him love us less.

He loves us with an everlasting love. That doesn't mean that He always likes or approves of things we do or the way we act but He doesn't send us packing out the door. Just as we love our children despite the things they may do to disappoint us so He loves us even more. We wouldn't cast out our kids neither does he. If we desire to worship God and call Jesus our Lord we can rest in the knowledge that God always says, "Welcome"! We can be "King's Kids."

19 August 2008

Fixed It

I think that I have adjusted the settings here so that posting a comment can be made by those of you who do not have a gmail account. So now, no excuse. Just click on comments and post away!

Me in My Small Corner........

Today in my part of this world the weather is not so good as you can see from today's photo. Getting a bit of sunshine here and there. The last few days have been beautiful. Got some gardening done and washing. Just felt good to sit in the sun and have a coffee.

Also had a load of donated stuff taken away from my garage so that feels better. Now I can get in and finish off cleaning it up. I knew Maurice had a lot of stuff but it sure seemed a lot when I had to figure out what to do with it all. If he were here I'd tell him off!!

Still going round in circles with the doctor. Trying another anti-depressant, this one is used for ADHD or something like that. I certainly don't suffer from hyperactivity. Gee in this retired lane I get too lazy. I don't feel at all stressed except when dealing with doctors. Just wish they could fix me up so I could run away from them all and get on with life.

14 August 2008

Well What Next

Amazing the things that people come up with to solve needs we weren't really aware we had!

For the ladies

For the gents
--did you know that only guys play golf

For everyone

13 August 2008

Olympic child singing star 'fake'

Olympic child singing star 'fake'

This is interesting reading.

View From My Corner of the World

I thought I would share a lovely view from my cornerof this world. It was taken from just outside the entrance to the shop where I help out my friend from time to time. You are seeing the Blackwood River as it runs into the Southern Ocean. If you could see far enough you find the South Pole out there somewhere. Whales are visiting Augusta at this time and each day the tourists go out on the boat to have a closer experience. I have seen them (the whales)from shore but not what you would call a good view. I am too much of a pessimist to take the boat tour. It is expensive and I am afraid that I would end up on the one day when no-one saw anything!

10 August 2008

It's A Dog's Life!!!

You all know the old saying "It's a dog's life" well in my house it's a cat's life! This fortunate animal isn't even really mine. She just thinks she is so I go along with her. My next door neighbour loved her but she is a very busy lady and obviously didn't give Puss the attention she craved. So now she chooses to only go home when I am away and she gets really hungry. What a life. And every night you will find her snuggled up next to me with her head on the pillow and as close to my face as she can get.

Senior Moment

"Senior Moment" isn't that a nice genteel way to say "Darn, I forgot" or "What a stupid old woman I am"!

Well before I write anymore posts and I find my mind is full of things to share, I must tell of all you that I mentioned it to that Maurice would have only been 69 this birthday. Not that he cares but somewhere, sometime one of my kids will realize I made a mistake and tell me about it. So I thought I would get in first. Maurice was born 08-08-1939. So we get to have the 70th party next year. Any excuse will do. I think with all the Olympics hype I got confused. But then just ask my son Andrew, how many years it took for me to be sure of his birth date!!!!!!!!!

08 August 2008

As I mentioned yesterday today would have been Maurice's birthday. I thought it would be nice to have a photo here for all of you who didn't know him to see. And thanks to Ellie for the heart.

It was a very nice surprise to get comments on my Blog and to be told by several friends to keep it up. But, you know what, I find it very hard to be disciplined in the Life in the Retired Lane. Geepers it was hard enough to be disciplined when I was trying set an example for my kids. Now that there is only me to think about I like to just go with flow. I will try to be good. Now Mary, no laughing. I can do it if I try hard and you're not here to lead me astray!!!

Today was not a good example of retirement. I had to work. Not hard though, helping out in my friend's shop and since it is winter in Augusta, a sleepy little town nestled between ocean, river and forest, things are very quiet. It is really a matter of being here in case somebody happens to want something and today it was mostly only bus tickets for that ride "outta town". Hope they come back some time.

07 August 2008

Enjoying Time

Time can be so different depending on one's circumstances. Sometimes it rushes by, sometimes it calm, sometimes it seems to stand still. Time for me the last two days has been nice. Relaxed and pleasant.

I went to spend time with a friend as I had to go for a dentist appointment in the next town and instead of rushing back home for no good reason I decided to spend the night. We had a lovely time. There are pluses in being on one's own. Since I didn't choose to be in this state I guess I better put it to some good use! I had to have a mouth x-ray before going to the dentist but I was fortunate and there was only one filling that needed to be replaced and some pretty painful cleaning. I don't like to have anesthetic (gee wonder if I spelled that right) so the dentist told me I was very brave. Would have been nice to get a lolly but I guess the dentist wouldn't do that would he.

So back to my stay with my friend. Before getting there I decided to have a little spending splurge and bought a small cd/alarm clock for beside the bed so that I can listen to cd's when going to bed. And I bought a new top. Huge expense at $13.95. I am the last of the big spenders.

Well, my friend, Norma and I talked, laughed, watched a bit of TV and I learned a new crochet stitch. Started a lapghan. Norma is a good cook and she fed me well. Went to bed in a comfy bed with the electric blanket making it warm and cosy. Today another friend came for lunch with us so more laughing together like girls. Well, we still feel like girls on the inside. And I watched a video that had a section where we were in Halls Creek, West Australia and my late husband was on it. It was so good to see him there smiling and having a good time. It was taken on the 6th Aug 2004 and today is the 7th August 2008 and tomorrow would be his 70th birthday and there we were just getting ready to celebrate his 65th. So Mary and I reminisced about the surprise party we gave him at the caravan park in Halls Creek.

Ah well, then I came home lit the fire and fed the cat who was very glad to see me after two days. She is now asleep on the bed at my feet. I am so blessed to have a wireless laptop so I can be propped up here in a nice warm bed typing away.

Enough or the ramblings of this retired lady for one day.

Annie's Attic - Peach Parfait

Annie's Attic - Peach Parfait