03 July 2008


Life in the Retired Lane is not what one expects when it is beginning to creep up on you. I thought I would have a life of genteel relaxation but I am finding after three years that I seem to get more busy as time goes by.

First I had to get used to having my husband under foot all the day long and my schedule seemed non existent. Then he became ill and it was round after round of doctors, chemo and sickness. Although to be honest we did get in some good times even in the midst of all that. Loved camping, took a trip to the north of western Australia and even managed to get to Victoria and Tasmania for several months.

My husband went to be with the Lord just over a year ago and now I wish he were around underfoot. I am learning to live for myself and since it is the first time in my whole life I have been able to do this I am finding it very strange. Even have found out that strange health symptoms that I have been having that made me cancel a trip to England may have been caused by stress and anxiety that I didn't even now my body was experiencing! But finally I am beginning to feel better and am planning a move soon and to take the trip I postponed.

I am putting a link in here to my son's website because I told a friend that I would help her figure out how to put a link in a post. Two Sitting Ducks
He hasn't put too much on it lately as he has sort of lost interest.

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