30 December 2010

How Can it Be?

I am going to copy and paste something that I have just read on a blog dealing with overseas adoption. These children have been on my heart and in my prayers a lot just lately. I wish I were young again so that I had the necessary time and energy to respond to these dear ones in need. Maybe my posting will encourage someone to step up or at least pray. I realise that the button for Reece's Rainbow is an American site but if you are interested I am sure that there are Aussie sites dealing with adoptions.

We have visited our boys two days now. We got to spend 4 hours with them yesterday and let me tell you all... laying rooms are REAL and AWFUL! Institutionalization is no joke and sad to see the effects of. Both boys are wild eyed when they come to us. The haven't been out of that room EVER! Little George tries to go back. It is all he has known for 3.5 years.

The boys were wrapped in receiving blankets for diapers when we got them. Imagine wrapping yourself in a king size sheet where your legs go straight out to the side and you can't bend at the waist. They tied them up so tight I'm scared to see what their bellies are going to look like. We took diapers and the Nannies used them but they were soaked when they came to us. I don't think their diapers are changed often. Both are severely dehydrated, their fontanels and their eyes are sunken in, their skin is very dry, less diapers to change I guess.

Their nails are awful; jagged, frayed, bent. One of Henry's is split down the middle. They have some kinda hard glue like residue on the ends of their fingers. I've tried to take it off but it is very hard.

George has only stubs for teeth where he has ground them trying to self sooth. I don't think either has ever had a proper bath or their teeth brushed. Both of their teeth are in bad shape. They don't know how to cuddle. Being rocked to sleep is completely foreign.

George is on a major sedative that really messes with him. Poor baby is so out of it and uncomfortable because of it. They are treated harshly and don't know a soft touch.

No child should EVER be treated this way. EVER!!!!

Adoption is hard, it is taxing in so many ways but compared to what these babies are enduring it is NOTHING! Please continue to spread the word about orphans. About those who need families.

Shout from the roof tops their situation, continue to scrape up money, pray pray and pray some more!! Because of another mom doing just this we found our babies and God willing in a couple weeks, hopefully sooner, we will be taking them out of that awful place to be orphans no more. To no longer feel hungry or alone. To learn that Mammas are made to rock babies to sleep and daddies are made to play and love. To be taken care and loved unconditionally!!

Reading about these children will break your hearts when you find that if they are not adopted by about age 3/4 they are placed in asylums and no longer available for adoption. That they spend their days in beds and not allowed to be hugged and touched. I thank God for all the people who are willing to open their hearts and homes to these children and for the sacrifices they make. Also to the people who care for the children in their home countries under such horrible conditions. They must have good hearts. May they soon learn that there are better ways to care for such babies.

18 September 2010

Bloom Where You're Planted

I read a book with that title many years ago. I don't think it would still even be in print. I remember that I enjoyed it because it was set a great deal in Texas, places where I had lived, but the theme was good too.That where we are, is where God wants us at this particular time and we should thrive, grow and bloom where ever that is. Not constantly wish for something different. We do need to have dreams and goals but these should be the goals and dreams that
God has for you. Talk to him, ask him. He wants to give you the desires of your heart because he loves you. Get your dreams and goals in line with his wishes for you and nothing will be too hard.

As far as blooming where you are planted I am hoping that my vegetables will grow where they are planted! As you can see from the photos I am trying a different type of garden. I first came across this idea at I made a few adaptations and am using their watering system. Please go and have a look at the ideas that two young fellows had. I had bad soil in my garden and not much space so thought I would give this a try and see that happens.

Peas growing in the blue one:

Then a tomato

And Lettuce

Last of all Potatoes in here.

I will plant and grow more if it seems to be working. Advantage no weeds, can not overwater as the bags are not waterproof and with handles I can move them about as needed for sun etc.

Now try to enjoy your life where God has planted you.

22 May 2010

What To Do?

It's a glum, dreary, rainy day today, Saturday, and I don't feel much like doing anything very constructive so I think I will do a post all about Gracie. I have quite a few photos and a couple of videos I have been saving up to post. So to all you cat fanciers out there here is your chance to enjoy my little bundle of joy.
I had to do a lot of research and then work to figure out someway to stop her jumping the fence but that is all done now and she is a good cat and never leaves the back yard. Of course she loves to make me open and close the door a million times, especially at night when I am sat watching tv. I usually leave the door open a small amount but it is getting a bit cold for that now. So I guess I will be getting exercise. If I let her out and shut the glass door behind her, she turns and gives me a very dirty look. Like how dare I shut her out?

Here she is having a play. It is easier to see when the video if full screen but I don't know how to make it larger. I will edit the HTML a bit and make a little larger but can't go full size.

Here she is exploring the kitchen. She doesn't usually roam around the kitchen bench tops!

And now a couple of pictures to show off my new back yard. The weeds are growing now so it doesn't look as good as it did here.

Well this took up quite a bit of time and solved my feeling of boredom. Hope you all enjoy having a look into my life with Gracie.


20 April 2010

In Memoriam

Three years ago today, Maurice, my dear husband, passed away. He went before me to stay with his Lord. I know that he will be enjoying himself. As he told us all many times, "Jesus was his best friend."

I find it hard to believe that three long years have gone by since I have heard his voice, experienced his hugs, and felt his love for me, had him to talk to, and had him to do practical things for me. But the years have gone on and not many days pass without me thinking of him and being thankful that he helped me become proficient at so many practical things in life. Every time I drive my little red car I thank him for knowing , just a few months before he died, just what I would need.

Melanoma is such a killer. I would hope that Maurice's sons have learned from their loss, to "cover-up" but I doubt it. The young always think that it won't happen to them!. I am sure Maurice thought exactly the same way.

In memory of Maurice I must tell you, from him, that your life will be a better journey if you introduce yourself to his friend Jesus. All you have to do is talk, or whisper to him that you need help with your life, that you are not doing too good a job of it by yourself. But no matter how good your life is, it will come to an end and then what? How many of you will be hoping for heaven. BUT without making an active choice for Jesus that is not where you will be going. No choice, is a choice and it leads to Hell. An eternity (a time without end, think about it) separated from God and and any  influence for good.  Jesus came that we might have eternal life (John 3.16) but also that we might have an abundant life.  Does that sound good to you. It should.

Martha this photo I picked just for you.  You know why.

As I start another year without my love, I say thank you to him for wanting to be married to me, for being willing to marry a women with four children, some of whom were still youngish, thank you for years of fun and laughter. But most of all for being a man who loved God and wanted to do things His way. I love you.


02 April 2010

Good Friday

Here in West Australia it is Good Friday. In a few minutes I am off to church. "Why?" I hear you ask. Well, it is an historic fact that Jesus died. To think that he died for me is a sobering thought. Nothing I can do can change that fact of history, but instead of ignoring it and pretending it didn't happen I choose to remember and to say thank you. It is the least I can do. I haven't had anyone else i my life that was willing to die for me.  May I wish all of you a blessed Easter time. And because He lives I can face tomorrow as the song says.


12 March 2010

Really Must Do An Update

Yes, I really must do an update. My daughter is complaining loudly because I am ignoring my blog. Seems she checks often to see, although I don't think I can put anything here that she doesn't already know. Last time I was saying my garden was finished. It has managed to keep on despite the terribly hot and dry weather we have had this summer. No rain at all since November. I don't have an up to date photos but might take one tomorrow.

Then I visited Brisbane, Queensland to attend the wedding of my step-son Simon and Chrissy. I had a really nice time. I stayed with my older step-son Brendan and his finance, Carlu. Was able to meet my little grand daughter Tayla and her step-sisiters ,Maddison and Hallie. We had a really good time and went out for a few meals and Brendan cooked a great barbecue one night.

On the night before I was due to fly home, I developed a terrible pain in my stomach caused by what I thought was my hiatus hernia but wasn't sure. I had had these pains a few times prior and they usually disappeared after several hours. However, they persisted all night and for the drive from the Gold Coast to the airport. I told Brendan that there was no way I could get on the plane so we approached the Virgin Customer Service and they were very understanding and even phoned a doctor for me and made an appointment, gave us directions, and off we went. The doctor didn't think he could help and sent me to the ER at the hospital. They admitted me and were able to take an xray that showed exactly what the problem was. The hernia had filled with trapped gas and there was no way for it to escape. I had to have a gastric/nasal tube. For those who don't know it was a tube up the nose, down the throat into the stomach area in order to suck out the gas. Worked a treat but by this time it was evening and the hospital wouldn't let me go until I had been able to eat. They kept me overnight, Brendan finally got to go home. I am very grateful that he spent the day with me. The next day after lunch I got a taxi and went to the airport to face the Virgin Customer Service again. They were so kind and helpful and just put me onto the evening flight to Perth. I had to spend seven hours in the airport but I was able to go to the lounge area where I was able to wait in comfort.

It was good that at least I knew what the problem was if I had another attack of pain. I saw my doctor and eventually saw a specialist  who  booked me in for an operation to be done on March 9th. But that wasn't to be because a week later I developed a pain and had to call the ambulance in the middle of the night. I was taken to our local hospital and then sent on Bunbury. It was a Friday and by Saturday afternoon I had finally seen the surgeon on call, who just happened to be the doctor that I had seen about the operation in the first place. I firmly believe that God had this all in hand. There is not such thing as coincidence! On Sunday morning I had a four hour operation to put my tummy back where it all belonged. Apparently 2/3rds of my stomach was up in my chest area. I was in hospital for three days and went home only able to consume liquids for two weeks. That was hard as I was feeling hungry.  I even had a room to myself in the hospital because I had been in a hospital outside WA in past year. Yes, that one night in Brisbane. Another God incidence. I am all recovered now and I really can tell the difference. I can breath much easier and deeper and have lost the feeling of having something in the way in my diaphragm.

Now what else has been happening? I have been following the adventures of several bloggers who have been to Kenya with Compassion international. The plight of these children, who can be found all over the world, living in extreme poverty and lack of all the things we think are important touched my heart. They  truly are happy and know better than we what is important in life. They have a faith that is beyond description. I committed myself to sponsor a young man in Rwanda. A young boy who will be 14 in June. I didn't want a young child as I felt that since I am older I might not be able to sponsor for their entire school life and older children often go without sponsors. People seem to favour little girls, then litttle boys, older girls and finally at the end of the list teenage boys. I am looking forward to receiving information about this boy so I can write to him.

My little kitten, Gracie, is growing and developing her own personality She loves to play hide and seek and grab my feet as I pass by. Like a child, she thinks she is hiding as long as we don't get eye contact. He will hide behind the lowest of things and then when we look at each other eye to eye she dashes out at great speed. Her favourite time of day is between supper and bedtime as she goes outside then and does her own thing. I don;'t think she goes far. I let her out then because I have close neighbours since I am in a retirement village setup. At that time of night everyone is inside and doors shut so I don't have to be so worried about someone getting annoyed because a cat is roaming around. Tomorrow I will take some photos and put them up.

Well, I think I have caught you up to date with my most important happenings. I would say I will try to do better but I don't suppose that will make much difference.