20 April 2010

In Memoriam

Three years ago today, Maurice, my dear husband, passed away. He went before me to stay with his Lord. I know that he will be enjoying himself. As he told us all many times, "Jesus was his best friend."

I find it hard to believe that three long years have gone by since I have heard his voice, experienced his hugs, and felt his love for me, had him to talk to, and had him to do practical things for me. But the years have gone on and not many days pass without me thinking of him and being thankful that he helped me become proficient at so many practical things in life. Every time I drive my little red car I thank him for knowing , just a few months before he died, just what I would need.

Melanoma is such a killer. I would hope that Maurice's sons have learned from their loss, to "cover-up" but I doubt it. The young always think that it won't happen to them!. I am sure Maurice thought exactly the same way.

In memory of Maurice I must tell you, from him, that your life will be a better journey if you introduce yourself to his friend Jesus. All you have to do is talk, or whisper to him that you need help with your life, that you are not doing too good a job of it by yourself. But no matter how good your life is, it will come to an end and then what? How many of you will be hoping for heaven. BUT without making an active choice for Jesus that is not where you will be going. No choice, is a choice and it leads to Hell. An eternity (a time without end, think about it) separated from God and and any  influence for good.  Jesus came that we might have eternal life (John 3.16) but also that we might have an abundant life.  Does that sound good to you. It should.

Martha this photo I picked just for you.  You know why.

As I start another year without my love, I say thank you to him for wanting to be married to me, for being willing to marry a women with four children, some of whom were still youngish, thank you for years of fun and laughter. But most of all for being a man who loved God and wanted to do things His way. I love you.



Hannah said...

Beautiful post, Mom. Maurice is so dearly missed by us all. While Andrew and I were camping over the weekend we talked about Maurice quite a bit, doing activities like camping make us think of him a lot. It must be because you feel close to God when you're out there in nature - and therefore, close to Maurice too. Of course, it also comes from the fact that Maurice pretty much taught us how to camp (and be practical!) and gave us clothes when we forgot them!! :-) We can't believe it's been three years...

Love you Mom, thinking of you. Hope to see you soon for a catch up and a hug (not as good as Maurice's, but a loving hug nonetheless).

Han xxxx

Love you too, Maurice. xx

Marfs said...

Yes, I know why!
What a wonderful tribute to Maurice. It is sometimes hard to put into words what a heart is feeling, but you have done a great job.
Always thinking of you both.
Marfs xo

Linda said...

What a wonderful post. I am so glad to see what your dear Maurice looked like. I can't imagine how hard it has been. Praying for peace for you today and always.

Andrew said...

Great post Mom. I miss Maurice as well, and I can only imagine how much you must miss him.

On the bright side, I know that you know he has left a great legacy.

While he may be gone, he is most certainly not forgotten.