22 May 2010

What To Do?

It's a glum, dreary, rainy day today, Saturday, and I don't feel much like doing anything very constructive so I think I will do a post all about Gracie. I have quite a few photos and a couple of videos I have been saving up to post. So to all you cat fanciers out there here is your chance to enjoy my little bundle of joy.
I had to do a lot of research and then work to figure out someway to stop her jumping the fence but that is all done now and she is a good cat and never leaves the back yard. Of course she loves to make me open and close the door a million times, especially at night when I am sat watching tv. I usually leave the door open a small amount but it is getting a bit cold for that now. So I guess I will be getting exercise. If I let her out and shut the glass door behind her, she turns and gives me a very dirty look. Like how dare I shut her out?

Here she is having a play. It is easier to see when the video if full screen but I don't know how to make it larger. I will edit the HTML a bit and make a little larger but can't go full size.

Here she is exploring the kitchen. She doesn't usually roam around the kitchen bench tops!

And now a couple of pictures to show off my new back yard. The weeds are growing now so it doesn't look as good as it did here.

Well this took up quite a bit of time and solved my feeling of boredom. Hope you all enjoy having a look into my life with Gracie.



Linda said...

Glad to see your post. I love kitties and will have to send you a photo of my Athena. She looks a lot like your Gracie. We have had her fourteen years. She's a really good and smart cat, but I know what you mean about the door. Athena will scratch at the door to get the dogs riled up so we will let her in.

Marfs said...

How sweet! Yes, I too have cats that feel it is their duty to stop me from sitting down too long! In, out, in, out. Enough to drive you nuts! I love it when it rains though, and all they want to do is stay inside and sleep, and then I get my revenge by bothering them! Ha!
Why is it that whenever there is a camera around, a cat will never look you in the face? I have so many shots of cats backs it not funny!

Sara said...

I love the joy that animals bring to our lives! Gracie seems to have cornered the market!

Delighted to meet you today. I hope you don't mind if I splash around to get to know you. This looks like a refreshing spot to slip off my shoes and dip my toes.