11 March 2009

Health Report

So that I don't have to tell the story many times. I thought I would use my blog on the theory that people actually read it!! I hope.

Yesterday I had my appointment with the specialist in Bunbury in oreder to receive the results of all the blood tests to find out the cause of the saga of the inflamed blood vessels in my head. Well, it didn't help. All the test results came back negative. Two tests weren't done by the lab so I had to have more blood drawn to complete them, and one test is still pending. After one month I would have thought my blood sample would have died a death! The doctor could find no neurological fault with me. So next step. She will send all my info and request an appointment with a neurologist in Perth. Seems that they sometimes drill burr holes in the head to do a biopsy. The drugs used to treat this are cancer treatment drugs so she doesn't want to use them if she can get away without as they are hard on the body. Apparently,vasculitis is an auto immune disease. Very rare. Trust me to have something rare. I must say that the symptoms are seeming to decrease so I am praying that it will finally just fade away.

Maybe my blurry eyesight is all due to my forming cataracts and nothing to do with my head problem. But I don't see the eye doctor until I get back from England.

Anyway, I am not getting worse so I am sure the Lord is looking after me and still has stuff that he wants me to accomplish. Like moving!

07 March 2009


I forgot to take my camera so picture comes from cafe-grendel.blogspot.com

Well, today, Saturday, was a lovely day here in the Southwest so after lunch Renee and I took a little drive to Simmo's Ice Creamery. Absolutely beautiful, peaceful surrounding in the garden. Off to the right a young girl's birthday party was in progress. A gaggle of 20 kids or so of all ages. They were having fun on the playground equipment and having a wonderful time on the carousel. It is nice to know that such a thing still exists and the horses still go up and down as faithful parents feed the slot with money so they can go round and round. Although these days I am sure the machine in much more hungry than in my youth!

And what did we oldies do there!? Double cones, what would you expect. We have reached a wise old age when we know that one scoop is definitely not enough! I had Ferrero Roche and Irish Cream. Renee had Irish Cream and Vanilla Berry Swirl. These were simply lovely. After that I took us to see the lake at Gunyulgup Galleries where Maurice and his friends used to sail their little sailboats. It is still a lovely lake and when I get unpacked I will return with some of his ashes. I think he would like that.

04 March 2009

New Chapter

This is my new home complete with screened patio and room for my little red car.

This is the kitchen

the lounge room

I did have all sorts of problems getting my pictures where I wanted them. There must be an easy way that I don't know. Clicking and dragging didn't really work. Very hit and miss.

Well I owe my readers an apology. It has been so long since I have posted. My main reason is because I am suffering from inflamed blood vessels in my head and it is causing my eyes to be very blurry and thinking is very difficult. I am hoping to see the doctor finally next week and get some treatment. This is the culmination of a years sickness so I do hope and pray that it is coming to an end.

Anyway to my New Chapter. I have finally taken the plunge and moved. My lease in Augusta was up for renewal and I decided that I wouldn't renew it but come back to Busselton where Maurice and I lived before moving to Augusta 3 years ago. Life was very lonely there without him and I didn't want to have to do all the mowing or chopping wood for the winter anymore. The state housing authority, on whose list I have been for 4 years tells me that I am nearing the top to their list so it shouldn't be too long before I get offered a place to live. All of that prompted me to pack up my belongings. A friend had a friend who had an empty garage so I was able to store my things there. My old church in Busselton has a campsite on the beach front that has several caravan/annexes on it and I have been allowed to live in one of them for the duration. It is a lovely spot. Once again the Lord is looking after me as the caravan I am staying in was just donated for the camp to use 2 weeks before I needed somewhere and it has its own toilet and shower so I don't have to make trips to a toilet block in the middle of the night.

I am as comfortable as can be and the beach is only a very short walk away. I imagine I will be here until I get back from my trip to England in May/June.

I have been here for just over one week now. Went to church on Sunday and it was so nice to be welcomed back so warmly. You feel that the love and concern is genuine.

My only sadness is that I had to leave next door's cat, who thought she was mine, behind. As this strip where I am living is a Class One Nature Reserve and no pets are allowed. I am sure that cats being cats she will be fine. She will simply go back home and get fed!

I am eagerly looking forward to what the Lord has for me in this new season in which I find myself. I really want to do what He has for me to do. In these perilous times it is important that we know the security that we have in a BIG God who is quite able to see us through whatever we face.

And my God will meet all your needs according to his glorious riches in Christ Jesus. Phil 4:19