07 March 2009


I forgot to take my camera so picture comes from cafe-grendel.blogspot.com

Well, today, Saturday, was a lovely day here in the Southwest so after lunch Renee and I took a little drive to Simmo's Ice Creamery. Absolutely beautiful, peaceful surrounding in the garden. Off to the right a young girl's birthday party was in progress. A gaggle of 20 kids or so of all ages. They were having fun on the playground equipment and having a wonderful time on the carousel. It is nice to know that such a thing still exists and the horses still go up and down as faithful parents feed the slot with money so they can go round and round. Although these days I am sure the machine in much more hungry than in my youth!

And what did we oldies do there!? Double cones, what would you expect. We have reached a wise old age when we know that one scoop is definitely not enough! I had Ferrero Roche and Irish Cream. Renee had Irish Cream and Vanilla Berry Swirl. These were simply lovely. After that I took us to see the lake at Gunyulgup Galleries where Maurice and his friends used to sail their little sailboats. It is still a lovely lake and when I get unpacked I will return with some of his ashes. I think he would like that.

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Andrew said...

Sounds like a nice day! I was very proud of myself that when recently in Margaret River, I resisted the urge to get a Simmo's. My health was thankful, but my tongue was not! There's nothing better than a chunky monkey / mint choc chip combination! Although cookie dough is great as well...