27 April 2009

What to Write?

I find that it is very difficult to come up with something that I think would be interesting for people to read. I guess because I worry about people's opinion. Wrong thing to do. I know, I know. I should just do whatever I think I will and if people don't want to read it they don't have to.

On a personal note: Life is jogging on and the days are passing. I am still in the caravan and trying to be patient while waiting for somewhere permanent to live. I do get frustrated with the squashyness of the van. Seems as if one is always bumping into things and can't find a home for much. I tell myself not to be upset by this as the unit I get probably won't have anymore room than I have now. Hopefully it will be a bit better planned. I feel a need to just stride about from room to room.

Soon I will be leaving for England. Two weeks from now I will be there! I am getting excited and now comes the hardest part. Trying to know what to pack and for that not to weight too much. I am a women you know. That means wanting shoes and bags and clothes for every eventuality! No can do. I have to pack in under 20kgs and the suitcase seems heavy all by itself. I will need to layer clothes as England doesn't know whether it is cold or warm at the moment.

My picture today is of the sand track down to the beach. In the background is the ocean.

03 April 2009

This is the Life

What a lovely day it is today here in Busselton, West Australia. The sun is shining and the temperature is just" perfec" as they would say in The Darling Buds of May. I just watched an old episode of that show on tv and only realised now the a young Catherine zetta-Jones was the beautiful young daughter!

I went for a stroll on the beach and as you can see from the picture I had the whole place to myself apart from a couple of seagulls. So blessed. How many parts of the world can you have a whole beach to yourself. And I was in complete safety. No worry about muggers, bombs or any of the other horrible things that go on in the world.