11 March 2009

Health Report

So that I don't have to tell the story many times. I thought I would use my blog on the theory that people actually read it!! I hope.

Yesterday I had my appointment with the specialist in Bunbury in oreder to receive the results of all the blood tests to find out the cause of the saga of the inflamed blood vessels in my head. Well, it didn't help. All the test results came back negative. Two tests weren't done by the lab so I had to have more blood drawn to complete them, and one test is still pending. After one month I would have thought my blood sample would have died a death! The doctor could find no neurological fault with me. So next step. She will send all my info and request an appointment with a neurologist in Perth. Seems that they sometimes drill burr holes in the head to do a biopsy. The drugs used to treat this are cancer treatment drugs so she doesn't want to use them if she can get away without as they are hard on the body. Apparently,vasculitis is an auto immune disease. Very rare. Trust me to have something rare. I must say that the symptoms are seeming to decrease so I am praying that it will finally just fade away.

Maybe my blurry eyesight is all due to my forming cataracts and nothing to do with my head problem. But I don't see the eye doctor until I get back from England.

Anyway, I am not getting worse so I am sure the Lord is looking after me and still has stuff that he wants me to accomplish. Like moving!


Anonymous said...

Well I read it! Sorry that there isn't a defintive answer yet but so glad that the symptoms are lessening. When I had my cataract, it was like looking through mist rather than blurry (but of course the mist effect made things blurry, if you know what I mean!!!) Love P

FreeRefills said...

Jennifer, there are alot of reasons for blurry vision, some as simple as migraines, or as serious as you wrote about.
Try not to worry about all the unknowns,let your doctors try to figure out what is causing your vasculutis...then they will present their findings to you. They will put you through all sorts of tests to rule out diseases. I have been where you are, and it is scary..but you are a strong lady, and thank goodness you have God in your life to get you through these scary times.
Holding you in my prayers dear friend.

Amy Bayliss said...

I wanted you to know that we are keeping you in prayer. Keep us updated. You are such a blessing!