30 December 2010

How Can it Be?

I am going to copy and paste something that I have just read on a blog dealing with overseas adoption. These children have been on my heart and in my prayers a lot just lately. I wish I were young again so that I had the necessary time and energy to respond to these dear ones in need. Maybe my posting will encourage someone to step up or at least pray. I realise that the button for Reece's Rainbow is an American site but if you are interested I am sure that there are Aussie sites dealing with adoptions.

We have visited our boys two days now. We got to spend 4 hours with them yesterday and let me tell you all... laying rooms are REAL and AWFUL! Institutionalization is no joke and sad to see the effects of. Both boys are wild eyed when they come to us. The haven't been out of that room EVER! Little George tries to go back. It is all he has known for 3.5 years.

The boys were wrapped in receiving blankets for diapers when we got them. Imagine wrapping yourself in a king size sheet where your legs go straight out to the side and you can't bend at the waist. They tied them up so tight I'm scared to see what their bellies are going to look like. We took diapers and the Nannies used them but they were soaked when they came to us. I don't think their diapers are changed often. Both are severely dehydrated, their fontanels and their eyes are sunken in, their skin is very dry, less diapers to change I guess.

Their nails are awful; jagged, frayed, bent. One of Henry's is split down the middle. They have some kinda hard glue like residue on the ends of their fingers. I've tried to take it off but it is very hard.

George has only stubs for teeth where he has ground them trying to self sooth. I don't think either has ever had a proper bath or their teeth brushed. Both of their teeth are in bad shape. They don't know how to cuddle. Being rocked to sleep is completely foreign.

George is on a major sedative that really messes with him. Poor baby is so out of it and uncomfortable because of it. They are treated harshly and don't know a soft touch.

No child should EVER be treated this way. EVER!!!!

Adoption is hard, it is taxing in so many ways but compared to what these babies are enduring it is NOTHING! Please continue to spread the word about orphans. About those who need families.

Shout from the roof tops their situation, continue to scrape up money, pray pray and pray some more!! Because of another mom doing just this we found our babies and God willing in a couple weeks, hopefully sooner, we will be taking them out of that awful place to be orphans no more. To no longer feel hungry or alone. To learn that Mammas are made to rock babies to sleep and daddies are made to play and love. To be taken care and loved unconditionally!!

Reading about these children will break your hearts when you find that if they are not adopted by about age 3/4 they are placed in asylums and no longer available for adoption. That they spend their days in beds and not allowed to be hugged and touched. I thank God for all the people who are willing to open their hearts and homes to these children and for the sacrifices they make. Also to the people who care for the children in their home countries under such horrible conditions. They must have good hearts. May they soon learn that there are better ways to care for such babies.


Shelly said...

Wow! What a story. Breaks your heart, doesn't it, to hear about these things happening in this day and age.

Shelly said...

Jen, I should have asked how you are doing. Are things going ok? How's the afghan coming?

natalie said...

Dear Friend,
Your blog has been a blessing to me. I haven't checked in in awhile but felt led to today.

My husband and I have been praying about international adoption for a little over a year. My husband is ready to move forward. Me, I have told God I can not do it, given him every excuse in the book. However, it is all I think about! It also seems, whereever I turn, I am hearing adoption. I saw an article in a magazine, on tv, have been reading about God's Will and His purpose, and then today, read your blog post!

Please pray for me, I really do want to be in God's Will more than mine.

Thank you for being such a blessing Jen.