03 May 2009

More Information

Just want to give a little more information for those of you who are interested in my situation. Where I am living. It is a large camping ground for people on low incomes. That was part of the conditions of the lease that was given many years ago. A gentleman gave a huge parcel of land to all the churches and non profit groups for them to provide places for people to holiday. There are all the main line churches, boy and girl scouts, Scripture Union, Legacy (war widows) provided for. Now after 99years peppercorn rent the council wants to reclaim this property as it is prime ocean front land and will recoup much money. Anyway our church has a campground. It contains about 28/30 trailers. Some are privately owned and others belong to the church. There is a large girls and boys dorm, a campers kitchen and a large dining room. These were used for school camps etc. Not so much anymore as this type of thing has gone out of fashion. Our church sometimes uses the dining room for large dinners and get- togethers.

I am about a two minute walk down the sandy path (that was in my last post) to the beach. I can't see or hear it from where I am situated. It is very quiet here. Only the caretaker and one other resident in a van across the grass from me. It is of course full up with tents and campers at holiday time and week ends often see people coming to their vans for a break from the city life.

All in all it is a blessing to be here. My picture today-- Nothing on the horizon but a little sailing ship. How do you feel when there in nothing on your horizon. A bit deflated. It is always good to have something you are looking forward to. But remember Scripture tells us that God knows the plans he has for us. So someone bigger than me knows what in on my horizon and He knows what's on yours as well. So don't feel discouraged be encouraged.

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Linda said...

What a lovely post. I hope your church is able to keep the land and supress the government from taking it back. It sounds like things over here in the US, everything is about the mighty dollar! Hope you are feeling better.