08 May 2013

````Over Two Years

Two years and a bit since I have written a word on this blog. Life has continued to happen though, as life does, some bad some good, some interesting, most--not so much. I know in these two years my dear Mother passed away and also a dear elderly friend. I miss them very much. Maurice has been gone now for just six years and I still miss him everyday Does one ever get over loosing a spouse? I think not, you just learn to live with it. Someone asked me the other day how you manage to live after the death of your husband. I think the answer is that you do it because you have too, there is no other choice.
The impetus for this post is at the feet of my eldest son. I have had an IPad for some time now and find it very hard to enjoy typing on the touchpad. Today Patrick has given me a wireless mini keyboard and I am enjoying typing once again So this act of kindness inspired me to add to my blog. Also I am at a bit of a loose end as I am house sitting for my daughter, who is on holiday. No housework to do!!!

God has been very good to me over the last years. I am well settled i my new unit in Busselton and accustomed now to living in a much smaller place. I have found a new church and forged some new friendships as hard as that is for me. I also have some new Internet friends via a private Facebook group. I know I have not met them in person but they are a very supportive group of women.

And I nearly forgot one of the BIGGET pieces of news, the birth in July 2011 of my newest grandchild. A wonderful little boy named David. I think that is a wonderful name and one that he will grow into. David a man after God's own heart. What a legacy..
I would love to put a photo but it will have to wait. Seems that Blogger has changed how I do it and I will have to figure it out.

My other two grandkids are all grown up and doing well.

Will write again before another two years. Thank you to my friends for staying connected.


Jan said...

Jen, great to see you are blogging again. Hmmm, maybe I will start again??

Anonymous said...

Welcome back to blogging and congratulations on the birth of your new grandson. I hope you continue.
Meeting in the clouds.

forgetmenots blue said...

Hello Jen and thank you for your lovely comment on my blog.
Congrats lovely news about your Grandson x

Joy said...

Hey Jen - haven't heard from you in ages so thought I'd just check in to see you're alright?
Maybe you're going to take another two years again eh?
I do hope that everything is going well for you up there and weather not too cold and wet!
Joy x

forgetmenotsblue said...

Hello Jen
Thank you for your lovely message. I've sort of lost my blogging mojo. Have been on Instagram a bit you can find me there if you'd like. Thanks again for getting in touch xx