21 December 2008

Small Space--New Efficency

I wonder if having a new space will result in more efficiency. I think it may have more to do with what kind of person one is. I guess time will tell.

I am having to downsize, yet again, in preparation for my move to a small housing unit. I gave my BIG desk away to a family who are going to use it as a Christmas present for their children. In it's place I have a smaller one that my son and daughter-in-law gave me quite some time ago. I used it in another room, passed it on to my step-son. He used it while he needed it and then passed it back to me. And here I am, needing it. God really knows the beginning from the end and provision is there when it is needed.

At least it looks tidy as you can see from the picture but I have only just set it up. I still have my monitor but I don't think I will have room to put that on the desk as well and I think I can see the laptop screen quite okay. I do wish printers were smaller! These are the times when I wish my Maurice were here. He would have built a little shelf to sit on the desk to hold the printer up and then I would have room underneath for the file trays or something else. Maybe I can work on that?

Just have to pray that my unit will at least have room for the desk. I know they are very small but maybe I don't need my dining table. I will just use the desk.

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Patrick said...

Mom - more efficient? Isn't the point of being retired that you don't have to be efficient? :-)

Besides, I like to introduce some random mess just to make it interesting to find stuff again...plus it gives Sue something to complain about :-)