02 December 2008


Wonder why it is that when I am leaving home for a few days I always have to leave everything spic and span. Most times nobody is going to see it until I arrive back home. This time is a little different though. I am going to Perth to spend a few days with the family and to celebrate my and my daughter, Margaret's birthday. But while I am away a couple that I know are going to have a sleep-over at my house. Just to test out my bed. I am needing to get rid of it because it will be too large for the bedroom when I move. Here in Australia none of the charities are allowed to take mattresses anymore so I have an excellent bed that one would hardly know had been slept on looking for a home. Since it is hard to know if a bed will suit, this couple are going to come and sleep in it while I am away. So tonight I am on the sofa bed because today I washed all the linen and changed the sheets in anticipation.

Also I had to make a pie to take to Perth, make some Lemon Curd/Lemon Butter because I know my mum would like some, finished off the Christmas gifts that I am taking with me to leave for Christmas, cleaned, ironed etc. I am working tomorrow so the house needed to be all finished today.

Oh Thursday I will have to have an early start because I have to make an unexpected stop in Busselton to see if I can remove a virus from a friends computer. She can't get it to connect to the internet so I have had to download some virus removal programs to my thumb drive so I can transfer them to her computer and hope that it will do the job. Spent several hours on the phone with her yesterday and although we have removed some of the program obviously it is still hiding out somewhere. Trying to instruct someone over the phone is so much harder than trying to do it yourself. Thank you Andrew for all your help in the past. Now I know what you went through and how patient you were.

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