23 November 2008


Well much time learning how to change things around, add things and just see what I can accomplish in general. I just love to learn and technology challenges me and I just don't want to be beaten!  I am also trying to learn how to do a PowerPoint Presentation for a Ladies group. I won't be presenting it until early next year so I have time--but--thinking about how to do it is keeping my mind racing at night and I am losing sleep. So the sooner I get it done the better. I am trying to bring to live in the presentation a vision the Lord gave me of the ladies.

I really wish I knew how those lovely PowerPoint attachments that are sent by email were made but I can't seem to find anything on that sort of thing. I am guessing it is a variation of the basic but I am going to have to practice, practice. But first of all I need to know what I am going to say after the basic information of the vision. That much is easy for God has given it to me. The rest is harder I have a million and one snippets going round in my head and can't decide what direction He wants me to take.

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Linda said...

Jen making a power point is not as hard as you think. Just go for it, but I LOVE making PhotoStory presentations even better and I think they are easier. Please email me at linda2457@gmail.com if you want me to help you.