18 November 2008

A Little Forlorn

BUT a good sign really. A sign of moving on.To those of you who knew Maurice you will notice how different the garage looks now. It was full of tools and bits and pieces of every description. I feel good now that I have managed to finish cleaning it all up. This morning I was talking to the Lord and saying I was so ready to move back to Busselton and when would a place be ready for me. The Lord told me that well it couldn't be yet because I wasn't ready. I knew that meant the "GARAGE". Only a couple of weeks ago I was thinking that it is over 1 1/2  years since Maurice passed away and he would wonder why it had taken me so long. Well, winter was a good excuse but also I was procrastinating. I didn't know what to do with all that stuff!  Anyway all clean now. Just ready for me to place the items I want into a large box when moving time comes. 

I also managed to dismantle a sort of work bench that stuck out in the way and wasn't really needed. I did well with all the screws that held it in place until--the last screw into a joist but it really wasn't like any screw I had seen before. It had a head shaped in a square like an allan key. The rechargeable drill took out all of the others but I knew I had no end to match this nor had I ever seen one. I have no idea what Maurice used to put it in place. So I thought "Well, I'll try an allan key. There is a container with every size imaginable (of course, my husband had everything except what I needed for this screw!) So allan key to fit but too tight to move by hand. Ah ha, pliers on the end to give some leverage. Well, I finally got it undone. Nothings going to stop this lady when she is on a mission.

I just have to share an interesting bit that I read this morning. I am reading a book entitled When Heaven Invades Earth by Bill Johnson and he said:

Burning within my soul is a piece of the original flame from the day
of Pentecost. It's been handed down from generation after generation.
That fire burns deep inside, and because of it I'll never be the same again.

I thought how wonderful, and how true that is. Just thinking of that flame being handed down made me wonder about the bit that I have. I want to make sure it doesn't end with me. I know that I have handed it on to others but I pray there will be more chances to multiply it than ever before.


Linda said...

Got you comment on By Grace Alone. I changed the settings as others were having problems commenting as well. It seems that no setting works for everyone. I am glad you still check in. I would love to email you. If you are interested my email is linda2457@gmail.com
Hang in there, looks like you are making progress towards moving.

Andrew said...

Wow, that shed is looking a lot different from the last time I saw it. While it's sad, I'm glad that you've had the strength to do it. Hopefully going through that process was somewhat cathartic, and perhaps presents something of an opportunity to move forward.