25 September 2008

Where Have I Been?

You may well ask! Part of this life in the retired lane, is I have discovered, one of not having a body that works as one would wish. I have been unwell for some months and it just got a bit on top of me for a period of time. The doctors have been unable to decide what is wrong so they just decided to continue guessing and try every pill under the sun. Or so it seemed. Each pill seemed to have its own side effects and by the time a few weeks went by I didn't know if I was suffering from the ailment or the cure. Now I have gone off all the medications and things seem to be better although the reason for the illness is still a mystery.

I have had to rely on prayer and the goodness of God. I don't find that a difficult idea to embrace. I have a had friend visiting the last two weeks so that kept me from the computer also. We had a lovely time. We had a wonderful time of being with the Lord. Some of you who read this will probably think that would be a boring thing to do but others who know me will agree with me that it is exciting. One never knows just how the Lord will inspire, comfort, excite and use you. I know that I have never,in the 30 odd years since I committed my life to God, have had a more glorious, and fun (yes fun) and fulfilling time.

Spring popped its head in to Augusta last week but winter is back. The picture I am putting on today is off my back yard. The wild freesias bloom so quickly. The area was only mowed a week ago and they were all cut down. I hope maybe the sun will be back tomorrow because I am chilled to the bone.


Linda said...

Hi Jen,
I just read your post on my blog and noticed you also had a blog. I too am retired and have also had lots of health things pop up. Why is that? I think it's because when we are working we are so busy working we don't even notice the aches and pains or take meds to stiffle the pain. My doctor also wants to put me on meds or do surgery. So far I have been holding out, doing yoga and natural remedies. Not sure what will be my next step either. What did you retire from? I retired from public education and taught both of Carla's boys.

marfs said...

I like the new look! Very streamlined.