24 August 2008


Memories are made from so many moments in time. Good ones, bad ones, old ones, new ones. One that I wanted to share today is only a couple of years old but it is a good one. One that I will cherish. My daughter, and her husband , came for a short visit. On the spur of the moment we went fishing. Now Martha is a real animal lover and was going to fish without a hook. I was sure the line wouldn't go out without something on the end to weight it. Solution was hook but not bait. Guess what, as you can see by the evidence in the photo, she was the only one that caught anything. Murphy's Law!!


marfs said...

Hmm, I think there was bait involved :(
Either way, I remember making everyone else do the yucky stuff like cleaning and gutting and eating the poor things! We had a lot of fun though. Thanks for the memories!

Andrew said...

But I bet she didn't eat it! ;-)