10 August 2008

Senior Moment

"Senior Moment" isn't that a nice genteel way to say "Darn, I forgot" or "What a stupid old woman I am"!

Well before I write anymore posts and I find my mind is full of things to share, I must tell of all you that I mentioned it to that Maurice would have only been 69 this birthday. Not that he cares but somewhere, sometime one of my kids will realize I made a mistake and tell me about it. So I thought I would get in first. Maurice was born 08-08-1939. So we get to have the 70th party next year. Any excuse will do. I think with all the Olympics hype I got confused. But then just ask my son Andrew, how many years it took for me to be sure of his birth date!!!!!!!!!

1 comment:

Andrew said...

June 16, right? ;-)