20 August 2008

God's Welcome

I have been thinking today about how marvelous it is that God welcomes us; you, me,anybody who desires to follow him, into his forever family. It is such a comfort to know that nothing good we can do can make Jesus loves us more and conversely nothing bad we can do can make him love us less.

He loves us with an everlasting love. That doesn't mean that He always likes or approves of things we do or the way we act but He doesn't send us packing out the door. Just as we love our children despite the things they may do to disappoint us so He loves us even more. We wouldn't cast out our kids neither does he. If we desire to worship God and call Jesus our Lord we can rest in the knowledge that God always says, "Welcome"! We can be "King's Kids."

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mary circosta said...

Hi Jen, How true, and I was just thinking about our dear friend Peter who has just gone to be with the Lord. It sure is comforting to know that as the Kings kids, we will go home when we leave this earth, then we will be rejoicing with all our friends & family in the great beyond. and for the ones left on earth we have peace in our hearts knowing just where our loved ones have gone. take care