19 September 2009


Something that I am good at. Each day I think of updating this blog and each day there is a really good reason why I don't get it done. The main reason is that I went visiting and left my camera behind so I don't have any up-to-date photos to support what I might feel like writing about.
Today I might let everyone know that I have moved into my own little place finally. I have been here about a month now and each day leads to being more settled and at h
ome. Today it was potting up a red chocolate cordyline. Now I have just read the name I know why I like it. I love chocolate! But in order to that I had to buy the plant, buy the pot, and buy the potting mix. AND because I am getting older and weaker I had to buy a trolley in order to get the backs of potting mix and soil improver round to my back garden. At least I will get a lot of use out of that now that there is no strong man around to do the lifting an
d carrying for me. Maurice, I miss you.

This shows my unit it is the middle one of three. This is before the new plant and also some pots and planting in the front as well as the addition of some solar garden lights. Now, if I just had my camera.

Trying to get all my furniture into this much smaller space was a real challenge. But my daughter Martha came to visit and helped me very much. We went shopping and bought a sofa bed instead of two stuffed arm chairs. We went armed with measurements as we knew just the size we needed so that it would open and miss the TV cabinet. We were successful and since I have had a friend visit for a week and a son for a weekend I can vouch for its comfort.

Also I am getting used to a new computer. I just had it playing a tune at me so something must be happening but I have no idea what! My son. Andrew, wanted to purchase a new MacBook so I offered to help by purchasing his old one. My laptop was full up and unable to take anymore memory due to its small processing chip. I am in heaven now with this one. Very fast and easy to use.Although I am sure I am trying Andrew's patience as I have questions each day to ask him.

I have adopted a kitten and should be able to get her on Oct 8th after I return from a trip to Adelaide for my brother's wedding. She is adorable. Grey with little white socks. I will take a photo when she arrives and maybe open my blog up to suggestions for names as I have no idea at this time what to call her. I am hoping her demeanor will help me.

This is my back yard. As you can see it is a blank canvas. Well, mow the canvas has a few more weeds showing through but I have no idea what to do with it. Gardening isn't my cup to tea and I am not sure I know how or have the strength even if I did know what plants to put in. Any suggestions, anyone out there.

I do hope you all come back and have a read and I am sorry to left it so long. I was totally amazed when Martha told me how many hits I had had. Maybe it was scammers! My love to you all.

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Shelly said...

My mom lives in a unit similar to the one you have now. They are indeed compact, but you get used to it after awhile, I think. I know my mom likes the lower utility bills that come with the place. Hope you and your soon-to-be new kitty are the perfect match. Have a good time on your trips/visits and we'll see you when you get back.