14 November 2009

Newest Member of My Family

No. no! it's not a baby. It's a kitten. She just about as much work as having a baby around. Loves to play, jump and climb everywhere. I find myself saying, "No, don't, and get down" more than I have in years.

I adopted her from the vet's when she was six weeks old but due to my hectic schedule and pre planned travels they had to keep her for me until she was about 12weeks old. Gracie, as I have named her, settled in well and she has already learned to sleep on the spare pillow on my bed. Now travelling will get more expecnsive as I will have to put her in the cattery when I go away. Even if it is just to Perth for a couple of days. She gets too lonely at this point in time. As she is older I will be able to leave her.

Other than the new kitten life is progressing as usual. Very busy. Life in this retired lane is always busy and lots of time lonely. You wouldn't think those two things would travel well together but they seem to. Hard to explain how you can have time to be lonely if you are busy but take it from me, you can.

I am going to try to upload a couple of video clips from my camera so you can see the new addition.

Isn't she lovely?


Linda said...

What a sweet kitty. I have always had cats and you are right, they are a lot of fun, but also a lot of work while in the kitten stage. I'm glad you will have some company now for those lonely evenings.

Andrew said...

Hey Mom,

She's cute! Love her little 'socks'. I hope she is giving you lots of love and happy times!