13 December 2009

What a Difference a Day Makes

Well, together with some hard work! But, I must quickly add, not on my part. I am just paying! When I moved into my new little unit my back garden looked like this.

I decided to get it sorted out professionally. I am no gardener by any stretch of the imagination.After much thought, and trepidation (at the sheer expense of such a luxury) work began. All week things have been arriving at my place and yesterday morning (Sat) this was the view from my back door.

By 4pm there was a real improvement and it now looks like this. A few more finishing touches are needed--mulch, pebbles and a few more plants. Hopefully they will be done this afternoon.

And if anyone is wondering about the new addition, Gracie, well, I can assure you that she is living the good life as you can see.


Linda said...

How lovely. I too, am no gardner, but do pay to have a nice backyard to enjoy during the warm seasons. Enjoy your new garden.

Marfs said...

Mom, that is looking good! Now to just try and make it uninviting for the weeds!
Looks like Gracie was happy to let everyone else do the hard work!

Diana O. said...

Jen, I really love your new view! That is really pretty. My new kitten is also Gracie. She is about 7 months old now, and guess what? She never even put a paw on the Christmas Tree - unbelievable...Enjoy your new patio!